Operating Systems

The leading software companies Apple and Microsoft recently both released new operating systems:

  • macOS 12 Monterey
  • Windows 11

Our testing team is currently testing Momentum with both of these new operating systems.

So far everything seems to be working fine – we only know of certain compatibility issues with Momentum in combination with AVID Pro Tools and macOS 12 Monterey. 

We do not yet officially provide support for macOS 12 or Windows 11.

At this point we recommend to wait a few weeks until you update your operating system if Momentum is crucial to your workflow.


Apple M1 chips

There is new Apple hardware with new processors on the market:

  • M1
  • M1 Pro
  • M1 Max

The compatibility of a Mac with the Apple M1 chip and Momentum has been successfully tested. Please note that Momentum is still running on Rosetta, but not natively on M1. We plan to run further tests. For now, please always start your DAW in 'Rosetta Mode' (Applications folder right click on the application get info check 'Open using Rosetta').