You can download the latest version of Momentum HERE.  Downloading and running the installer will replace your current version of Momentum with version 1.1.


  • Song Section indicators
  • Updated appearance of all dropdown menus
  • Updated default settings for some FX


  • MacOS - Adding a lot of slices (30+) manually no longer crashes DAWs like Live 10 and Logic Pro X
  • “Repeat next _ slices” function now will complete a pattern through to the end of the loop
  • Fixes for freezing previews and product demos
  • Adjustments to latched keys being reset after latch mode is disabled
  • Group FX Delay is no longer influenced by synced time settings if delay tempo sync is disabled
  • Momentum no longer crashes on some systems when deleting slices
  • Momentum no longer crashes while playing many notes (10+) with Input Q enabled
  • Latch mode and Input Q combination will now sustain a loop until the end of the selected Input Q division even after a new one in the same group is triggered
  • Some Logic users no longer experience a fatal error while rescanning plugins
  • The delay effect no longer displays incorrect “Time” values
  • Filter “resonance” knob now works with all filter modes
  • The playhead is now active for all samples that are currently playing
  • “Input Limit” has now been added to the group “Limiter” effect
  • Several groups/channels can now be soloed at the same time


  • Pro Tools no longer experiences slow user interface responsiveness
  • Addressed issues while using Reaper on Windows
  • Addressed crashes in Studio One on Windows
  • Fixes for Cakewalk on Windows
  • Fixes for Reason on Windows

Other minor bug fixes and tweaks included