You can download the latest version of Momentum HERE.  Downloading and running the installer will replace your current version of Momentum with version 1.3

New Features and Improvements:

 - Velocity Sensitivity - Velocity sensitivity can now be added to any loop on the slice page via the “Velocity” button

 - Release Knob - A release time can now be set when using the shot playback mode on the slice page

 - Slice Mapping Shift - The starting point for slice keyboard mapping on the slice page can now be shifted down one or two octaves to add flexibility for MIDI controller specifications

 - Reverse Crossfade - Updated the functionality of the slice effect reverse crossfade knob. The crossfade knob can now be used to smooth out clicks that can happen between two reversed slices


Bug Fixes:

 - Fixed a bug where switching from shot to loop mode would break the slice page

 - Fixed a bug where changing the type of slices by grid added would reset the position of the loop start and end markers

 - Fixed a bug where the slice effect chorus would be missing the knob for the voices parameter

 - Fixed a bug where the MIDI file export to play back slices on the slice page was broken

 - Fixed a bug where creating slices manually wouldn’t update the on-screen keyboard

 - Fixed a bug where the pitch slice effect would change in whole steps even when a half step was selected

 - Fixed a bug for the group effect delay where the time could not be set manually

 - Fixed a bug where user samples wouldn’t load properly in FL Studio on Windows 10

 - Fixed a bug where the delay slice effect would show incorrect time values when tempo synced or set manually